Andrew Ramage

Books I've read

Meow by Skye McKinnon

We are introduced to a shifter in a world remarkably similar to our own. Raised as a slave assissin, she escapes and sets up her own business. Hired to investigate the death of a sweet shop owner, she finds far more than she thought possible ...

Scratch by Skye McKinnon

Kat, the assassin main character, wants to return to killing for money. But then she is directed to a shed that contains her sister. This causes her to launch an investigation of her old home with the Pack. Will she survive contact with the criminal organisation that raised her ?

Purr by Skye McKinnon

What will Kat do when she comes into heat ? Meanwhile, she discoversnaat she was part of a cloning experiment and there are a number of clone sisters for her to rescue ...

Hisss by Skye McKinnon

How will Kat look after her sisters now that her house has been down by the criminal organisation she has been fighting in revenge for Kat & Co burning down all the labs belonging to them. Meanwhile, mutant wolves attack a kitten and in killing them, Kat rs a taste for blood ...

Lick by Skye McKinnon

Kat receives an invitation to a business opportunity that turns out to be a heist. Will she accept ? Recommended.

Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins

Laney arrives in a new town when her mother remarries. But this town is ot all it seems. Some of the residents afren't even human. They seem to have an interest in Laney - will Laney survive their interest ?

Ark Royal by Christopher G Nuttal

First Contact with an alien species can be depicted in many ways. In this instance, Christopher has presented a rampaging alien species that has attacked human colony worlds. Can a drunkard of a captain in an outdated carrier do anything in the coming war ?

The Nelson Touch by Christopher G Nuttal

Humanity plans a strike behind the lines against the aliens. Ark Royal is again leading a task force into danger. New starfighter pilots are needed to replace the losses suffered in the last battle, and one of them is Prince Henry ...

The Trafalgar Gambit by Christopher G Nuttal

Both sides have factions. Ark Royal now hosts a series of diplomats as they search for a peace treaty with the aliens. Watch as the factions put plans into action to disrupt the talks ...

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell

We meet the hero, Ishmael Horatio Wang, as he is mourning the death of his mother in a flitter accident. He also knows that, as his mother was an employee of the company that owns the planet, that he will have to leave the planet within 90 days or the government will send him to the nearest Confederation planet at his own expense. Exploring his options , he approaches an intersteller trader for employment ...

Half Share by Nathan Lowell

We follow Ishmael as he progresses through the ranks and departments of the ship. A fascinating exploration of a possible society generated by trading companiesmusingships that take days to travel between jump points between stars. Highly recommended.

Full Share by Nathan Lowell

Ishmael continues his tour of the ship's departments as he seeks full share for all four. This story continues the fascinating exploration of the society of the trade ships and the process of actually tradin g.

Double Share by Nathan Lowell

We start as Horatio Wang finishes his course at the accademy and travels to another quadrant to take up a position as third mate. He discovers the ship is in a poor state with sadistic officers. Will he be able to solve the problems ?

Captain's Share by Nathan Lowell>

With marriage troubles, Ishmael goes back out to the Deep Dark. Coming into Breakall, they discover a ship drifting. What will happen when First Officer Ishmael Wang has to take the ship into port ?

Owner's Share by Nathan Lowell

Ishmael receives sufficient money from the sale of the ship he helped retrieve when he was a First Officer to, with the aid of investors, buy a ship. Will he be able to make a profit ?

South Coast by Nathan Lowell

Following on from the exploration of trading in the previous books, Mr Lowall presents a bit of fantasy added to the universe. Otto Krugg is the son of a shaman, and we follow him as he becomes a shaman himself. We are also introduced to the boss of one of the companies on the planet as off-planet managers require more production.

Cape Grace by Nathan Lowell

We meet Otto again, beginning with him mourning the death of his wife to a poisonous fish, but fortunately the medics got to her before the toxin crossed the placental barrier so saved his daughter. The novel follows the growth of this girl who is probably one of the strongest shamen in existence, but unrecognized because of the sexist language in the initial documents.

Finwell Bay by Nathan Lowell

After his daughter leaves St Cloud, Otto is left in something of a rut. The “chief” shaman kicks his butt and he moves across the country to become the shaman of the town, Finwell Bay. Meantime, the head of the company for the planet is replaced by his sister just as auditors arrive to check they are meeting their lease requirements 10 years before the lease is up for renewal ...

From the Ashes by Nathan Lowell

We return to the trading milieu in Mr Lovell’s universe. After selling his company to his previous employer, Ishmael has plenty of money. He visits his tai chi instructor, and while there a trade convention organised by his old friend from his time on Lois McKendrick is taking place. His friend offers him a chance to face ghosts of the past when the ship he brought in to Breakall is again up for auction, the previous two auction winners having defaulted.

To Fire Called by Nathan Lowell

A new challenge for Ishmael - getting the ship he has acquired fixed and a new crew for it. What will his friend, who is the CEO of the company they formed to buy the ship, lead him into this time ?

Ambient Conditions by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

A retelling of a previous tale from a different viewpoint. Both short tales are very enjoyable and explore the Liaden universe away from the main characters and situations. Highly recommended.

Trader's Leap by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

In the newest Liaden adventure from Lee & Miller, we meet Shan yos’Galen as he works to create a new trade route despite opposition from the clans they left behind on Liad. He is joined in these explorations by his daughter and heir Padi. Will they succeed in their aim ? ,

By Darkness Forged by Nathan Lowell

Ishmael returns, still searching for the Mega - a very large spaceship. His friend is also searching and drags him into various scrapes. To find this ship, they leave the political unit the story began in and go to the “Toe Holds”, the area from which further progress in colonisation began.

Milk Run by Nathan Lowell

We meet again a character introduced at the end of the last book in the Trader’s Tales series, but at the beginning of her career. She has just qualified as an engineer and was hustled out of the Academy and into Toe-Holds space when it appears she is going to be suspected of murder. To get the money to repair her ship, she must take a job as an engineer on what was described as a milk run when mined metal from Toe-Holds is smuggled into Confederate space. What’s a boot third engineering officer to do when all the other officers in engineering are acting the part and things go wrong ?

Suicide Run by Nathan Lowell

Down on their luck, Natalia and Zoria are barely scraping by on income from Zoria’s contract with TIC to watch Natalia. They receive an offer for work aas a courier at a rate that seems to be too much. Is this a case of “if something seems to be too good to be true, it probabloy is” ?

Home Run by Nathan Lowell

The girls are sent to investigate when a mining station in the Toe Holds goes silent. What has happened to the station and will they be able to correct any problems ?

Exzy by Pamela Uphoff

The son of two major characters from Ms Uphoff’s continuing “Wije of the Gods” series has “adventures” as he is growing up. This is a very enjoyable continuation of the series, which does not seem to be running out of steam. With parallel worlds, she has a wealth of stories to write, all of which are good.

Dark Knight Station: Origins by Nathan Lowell

We go back in time from Ishmael’s time about 30 years and concentrate on the station side of life in the Toe Holds area of space. The owner of the station is a greedy old man who is draining the life from the station. In his heir, we meet again the villain who was bidding against Ishmael in the final Golden Clipper novel for the ship Ishmael had helped recover. The story concentrates on the younger son and the man who would become the manager later. What will the younger son do when his father has a stroke ? Will he be able to save the station ?

Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell

An unusual quest story, with a middle-aged woman as the main character. After fleeing an abusive husband, she has spent twenty years seeking out teachers of herb lore. She has set her sights on a new teacher in the North, a woman she regards as the best qat her4b lore. Will she reach this new teacher before she dies of old age.

Zypheria's Call by Nathan Lowell

Our questor continues her journey, this time over the ocean. Her power continues to grow as she passes through the menopause.

The Hermit of Lammas Wood by Nathan Lowell

Oue questor reaches the end of her quest. Will she reach the Hermit in time for lessons, or will the old lady have already died ?

Indigo by Audrey Faye

Ms Faye starts a new series about three women, an astrologer, an empath and a builder. This book looks at the astrologer as they arrive in a town and set down roots in a new area, How will they be accepted by the townsfolk ?

Blue by Audrey Faye

A gentle romance for the builder in the group. She is drawn toward a potter and this tale follows her feelings and reactions as they grow closer.

Maze of Worlds by Pam Uphoff

While Xen Wolfson was spying on Earth, he had (unknown to him) a son by the woman he was living with. After the death of his mother, this boy is kept awa y from his Uncle and held in a foster home. A new foster family he suspects of being perverts causes him to run away and escape to another world. He finds a group of kids who are clones of important people from both Comet Fall and One World. #Will they be able to escape and survive ?

1636: Flight of The Nightingale by David Carrico

Mr Carrico has provided three shorter tales, the first providing the story of a woman fleeing from a Duke’s household to the musician’s colony in Magdeburg, and the latter two following Johann Bach, the great uncle of Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Bach is hired to construct the organ for the new opera house and while working on it he meets an uptime woman, who is a dancer. Will he be able tro accept what she does ?

Traces of Sulphur by Madeline Freeman

A girl, who was the daughter of two demons, is chosen by the Aether Blade as its Keeper. The story follows her journey through the training school, and her interactions with her fellow Keepers and a girl who is the daughter of a General and who believed she should have been chosen ...

Destroyer by Pam Uphoff

Ice, the hero from earlier books, is once again in trouble as he goes up against the Drei Macht Budniss. After losing his connection to his team, he has to improvise on the world he’s stranded in. Meanwhile, his team are looking for him and find their own adventures ...

Violet by Audrey Faye

The third friend in the group - the empath - finds someone. This novel also has an interesting exploration of autism and what it is like to live with a different type of brain.

Accord of Honor by Kevin MacLaughlin

The son of an hero/villain from a previous war (he nuked Beijing) is captaining a cargo ship from Mars to Earth when pirates demand his surrender. Will he just roll over and accept capture ?

Accord of Mars by Kevin MacLaughlin

The hero from the last book comes upon unexpected men working on his ship. Will he find out what they are doing ?

Accord of Valor by Kevin McLaughlin

The Hero of Mars and his son continue to battle the totalitarian UN. Venus is the next location for this battle but will they be able to handle new surprises from Earth ?

Ghost Wing by Kevin McLaughlin

Having learned why the previous UN President was acting as he had, Nicholas Stein - the new President and the hero at the beginning - and his son have to face off against the aliens. We are introduced to a new hero(ine) who was an American soldier allowed to upload a copy of herself to Valhalla On-line - a site that people could upload their conscience to before they died. The uploaded copy of this woman becomes the pilot of a fighter and the leader of the wing made up of other virtual people from Valhalla On-line. An old adversary reappears, but will he be a help or a hindrance ?

Ghost Squadron by Kevin McLaughlin

The aliens are back - and the hero(ine) from the last book must again battle for Earth. Will the UN on Earth back the actions necessary for defence, or cower in fear ?

Change State by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Two shorter tales from these masters of science fiction. The first, the name story for this collection, tells the story of the redemption of a character from an earlier book who was an antagonist for that tale. The second told of an adventure in the early career of the woman who commanded the mercenary unit important in earlier books.

Doctor Inferno by Pam Uphoff

A tale set in her own multiverse. In this one, the genetically engineered kids (see Outcasts and Gods) are treated as “Supers” and very much not liked by the government. We start in a retirement home where two of these supers are waiting for death. On a trip to Las Vegas one of them is rolled by the sister of a mad scientist and ends up taking a “youth potion” that actually works on him. So this Super, Doctor Inferno, starts regaining his powers. I see him more as an equivalent of Xen (see earlier books), but this time antagonistic to the government. Highly recommended.

Three Matches by Sarah A Hoyt

The arrival of a character to Ms Hoyt’s Shifter universe, connected to a fairytale as requested by her editor. This is a very good short story and a good introduction to the larger universe she created. Highly recommended.

Uncharted by Sarah A Hoyt and Kevin J Anderson

The authors introduce a new universe where America has been sundered from the rest of the world by a magical attack on a comet. The main characters set out on an expedition to the West to discover whether connection with the rest of the world is possible by going the other way. On their journey, they run into a mad spirit who is trying to remove European influence from the land. Will they succeed, or even survive ?

The Chronicles of Amberdrake by Loren Jones

An interesting story about a boy transformed into a dragon. The only problem I see with the story is that the protagonist is _too_ powerful.

Witch of a Godmother by Belinda White

A cozy mystery involving witchcraft. Who is breaking into the heroine’s spell shop and why ?

Witch of a Sister by Belinda White

Our heroine’s sister’s husband - also a witch - is suspected of causing trouble. Is he guilty, and will our heroes find out before the Council get involved ?

Witch of a Bride by Belinda White

The marriage of the sheriff and our heroine is upcoming. Will there be any obstacles to their wedding ? And there are more murders to be solved before the sheriff retires to form a detective agency with our heroine.

Witch of a Ex by Belinda White

Our heroine’s ex-husband - and father of her daughter - turns up as a childhood friend of her husband is murdered. Did he kill the victim ? Our heroine and her ex-sheriff husband investigate.

Witch of a Honeymoon by Belinda White

Our heroine goes on her honeymoon with her ex-sheriff and business partner husband. What could possibly go wrong while cruising to Alaska ?

Accidental Familiar by Belinda White

Our heroine accidentally makes a fellow witch her familiar. Will this cause problems as she investigates a murder ?

Home Familiar Home by Belinda White

Our heroine finds a house along with her (married) sister - two buildings on a country lot. Is there any special reason the owner is offering such a good deal ?

A Familiar Tail by Belinda White

Corruption in the Witch's Council ? As an investigator, our heroine is perfectly placed to get to the bottom of it ...

Team Destiny and Grey's Grave by Belinda White

After solving a case and seeing her mother off to an Alaskan cruise (detailed in Witch of a Honeymoon) our heroine investigates when the boyfriend of her mother’s housemate is called to his family’s grave plot, only to discover the body of a local man ...

Team Destiny and Archie’s Apparitions by Belinda White

Our heroine comes up against a Voodoo practitioner ...

Yorkie Doodle Dandy by Belinda White

We are introduced to the third woman in the family - Ruby, who has a Yorkshire Terrier as a familiar.. She investigates when the local librarian is running for town Mayor and receives a photo apparently of herself in a naked clinch with a Romance novel cover hero.

Yorkie Doodle Sweetheart by Belinda White

Has Yorkie Doodle found a girlfriend ? Who will our heroine find with this dog ?

Imprisoned Witch: Guardian Witch Chronicles: Book One by Jessica Gunn

We meet again the SBI agent who aided Vera in defeating the God of Undeath. Here she must go undercover in the magic prison and break in a rookie agent ...

Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffery

Killashandra Ree is a music student with perfect pitch. Unfortunately for her, her final singing performance for the department head and the University judges is not good enough for the lead rolls she craves. She is offered other rolls she could perform in support or tuing crystal, but she decides to go her own way. What will she do now ?

Crystal Line by Anne McCaffery

Following the further adventures of Killashandra Ree as she continues as a crystal singer. Working in the ranges causes memory loss, so maintaining a relationship is difficult. Will Killashandra find a cure ?
Following the granddaughter of the lead character in the final story of the previous book, this story shows her attempts to deal with politics as she battles with a megalomaniac director of construction for the space station.

Rowan by Anne McCaffery

Following on from the setting up of FT&T in her Pegasus series, Ms McCaffery follows a child who telepathically called for her mother when a landslide killed the mother and sent the hopper the child was in tumbling for miles. As she grows, the child is recognised as a Prime, the top level of telepathic/telekinetic people and is trained by the Prime of her planet. Unfortunately, the Prime has some issues ...

Barbarella by Sarah A Hoyt

This is a very enjoyable graphic novel, going back to the French original, not Hollywood’s interpretation. Barbarella joins a freedom group fighting the tyranny of local leaders in a “benevolent tyranny” of the Earth government.

Time's Arrow by Ash Gray

Following the adventures of a warrior who was not meant to be born, but was due to the machinations of the daughter of a dragon lord. By meeting the girl who was stolen by the dragon, her fate is sealed … but to return the timeline to its original state where she will not exist is necessary.

WarSpell: Miss Midshipman Teasdale by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlet

This is a follow-up to the authors’ novel WarSpell which detailed what happened when a team of high-level game players decided to destroy their gameworld, and the spell they created to save the players, which resulted in magic working in our universe. This time we follow a character from a different WarSpell universe and what happens when she observes the merge from the other side, a character getting the memories and abilities of the player from our universe. I thoroughly recommend these books.

Damia by Anne McCaffery

Following the daughter of the main character of The Rowan as she grows from a baby to the most powerful Prime in FT&T. We witness her struggles and triumphs as she grows to dealing with non-human entities.

Damia's Children by Anne McCaffery

We follow Damia’s children as they grow from young children to late teenagers. The race introduced at the end of the last book are now allies and their young grow up together. What will they find out about the Hive species and how much will their telekinetic or other Talents be required ?

Bad Actors by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Three wonderful tales set in the Liaden Universe created by the authors. It starts with a tragedy that a song sung in later (story-timelinewise) books is based on. These thre tales provide richness for the universe.

Lyon's Pride by Anne McCaffery

We follow the children from the previous book as they take up adult careers. With the Hive still present as an enemy, will they be able to find happiness ? And what will be don about the spheres launched by the Hive ?

Directorate School by Pam Uphoff

We follow a side-character from an earlier book in Ms Uphoff’s multiverse. The early books in the series feature a universe which was the first found by early experiments, but the exploration team was lost. The character we follow is a young man from this universe, which is in conflict with the universe where the main characters in the original series exist. We watch as this young man goes through the trials as a new university student, dealing with bullies and making friends as he progresses through the first year.

A Tale of Three Interns by Pam Uphoff

After the first year in the Directorate School after his transfer, our hero joins his friends in a Directorate mission accompanying scientists studying slow evolving worlds that are at previous stages in Earth’s evolution, ranging from early complex animals to the Triassic with T Rex. We also observe the people of the world they invaded previously reacting to further outrages committed by citizens of the Empire of the One.

Trouble in Paradise by Pam Uphoff

We follow our three heroes as they go through the final year in the Directorate School. Six months after the retaliation, members of the Empire are realising what has been done, and are agitating for the government to do something. Since the current president doesn’t want to do anything, there are rumours of a change in government being proposed.

First Posting by Pam Uphoff

A shorter tale, telling the result of the three friend’s first posting after graduation. Their different personalities show through as they all achieve different results, though their different personalities.

Surveillance by Pam Uphoff

Two of the school friends are seconded to a surveillance of the new enemy - a small universe that is hopping about in inter-dimensional space, acting as a cannibal when it merges with another universe. We learn more about the enemy as Directorate agents monitor them.

Fort Dinosaur by Pam Uphoff

Our heroes are sent with a scientific expedition to the world where they encountered dinosaurs in an earlier book. Also present are the current enemies, those on the “vampire planet” from the book “Surveillance”. What will result from their meeting ?
Project Dystopia by Pam Uphoff Two of our heroes from the previous books are drawn into an investigation of a world where there are ruins of a previous civilisation, but no reasonable explanation. Can they discover the reason before it repeats ?

Shadow Zone by Pam Uphoff

Our heroes are sent to an empty world where surveillance of the new enemy is ongoing. Will they be able to find out the plans of the other side in time ?

Project Dystopia by Pam Uphoff

Two of our heroes from the previous books are drawn into an investigation of a world where there are ruins of a previous civilisation, but no reasonable explanation. Can they discover the reason before it repeats ?

Fractured Loyalties by Pam Uphoff

The third friend from Directorate School is followed as he joins the guards at the embassy on the planet that was designated as the meeting place for various polities. He also meets his girlfriend from school, a witch from one of the other universes.

Cooking Hot by Pam Uphoff

A short tale featuring one of the heroes from the previous books, the son of a chef. The One world ambassador to the Embassy planet challenges everyone to a cook-off, with our hero representing the Directorate

The Boy by Pam Uphoff

Our hero encounters the result of an orgy generated by the Wine of the Gods a decade ago. How will the problems presented by his truancy and petty theft be dealt with ?

One Love by Pam Uphoff

Two of the School friends decide to get married. Since one is the daughter of the President, this is a highly monitored wedding, and following the trials and tribulations of this couple as their marriage approaches ...

A Warrior’s Art by Pam Uphoff

The third friend, a Warrior of the One, has an hobby as an artist. His work is spotted by a gallery and he is invited to produce an exhibition. Will troubles in Makkah (the religious capital) cause the exhibition to be delayed ?

Scrambled by Pam Uphoff

A recent split means that characters born before the event that caused the split could possibly meet themselves. (A younger version because of the different rates of time passing.) Will the younger version of the Warrior among our heroes (who was in a slow-time bubble when the split occurred …) be able to keep the peace?

Barbarella #2 by Sarah A Hoyt

Continuing the graphic novel (being released in a magazine format) we see Barbarella accepting an invitation to a world, anticipating a possible trap.

Outcasts and Gods by Pam Uphoff

The start of the series, we meet the characters known as the Old Gods later as they grow up. Also seen is the development of the cross-dimensional gates used by the company to dispose of the people they modified in the past. Will the Old Gods be able to escape ?

Exiles and Gods by Pam Uphoff

A series of tales, telling of the development of the colony to which the Tellies escaped. We start at the arrival and have various stories up to the comet that killed 90% of the population.

Black Goats by Pam Uphoff

We move up to the “present” of the world where the telepathically gifted “experimental animals” are exiled. The history of this world is violent, with a “Wizard King” and the eight heads of the rival organisations - transformed into black goats - living in the valley where the gods - the original “tellies” have retreated from the world. After a recent war, the few remaining witches and mages have joined them there and two of the gods, while drunk, create the Wine of the Gods, which contains spells for healing, fertility and an amazing aphrodisiac ...

Explorers by Pam Uphoff

The original Earth that exiled genetically modified people finds one of the planets used for exile. At the same time, two of the characters from the previous book are exploring with their children. What will happen when the two cultures collide ?

Spy Wars by Pam Uphoff

The characters introduced in the last book are exploring their world. At the same time, their world is discovered by two universe-transferring civilisations. What will happen when the three cultures collide ?

Comet Fall by Pam Uphoff

We follow one young witch as she helps prepare for the arrival of a comet, which is on target to hit the world. Will they be able to rescue everyone, and what will the old gods do ?

A Taste of Wine by Pam Uphoff

A collection of seven stories demonstrating the power of the wine created by the “gods” in Ms Uphoffs’ universe. Ranging from tales following the characters from earlier books to both sides of the spy war in the multiverse she created, these are all excellent.

Dark Lady by Pam Uphoff

Having strained her brain deflecting the comet, our heroine flees through a dimensional gate that she produced to escape the voices she cannot close out from her head. The world she finds, another of the dimensions used by the government to exile the original tellies, is nearing war and she must help the place she arrives in to fight off an attack by the neighbouring state. Will she be found by the father of her children ?

Growing Up Magic by Pam Uphoff

Another collection of tales set in Ms Uphoff’s multiverse. The first story is of the son of the heroine from the last book and his first encounter with bandits at the age of ten. The next tale tells of the early teenage years of a character who will become important later. The final two tell of the undercover moles from Earth and their interactions with the nativeds of this dimension.

Young Warriors by Pam Uphoff

We continue following the young son of our earlier heroine as he takes part in the Lord’s 2 years army service. At each of the 4 stations he is posted to, there is an adventure ...

God of Assassins by Pam Uphoff

This time we follow one of the heirs to the Spear Prince title after a half-successful assassination attempt on him and the heir to the Crown. Previous characters are more peripheral to this story, but still important.

Empire of the One by Pam Uphoff

We get more information about one of the dimension-capable civilisations that invaded the home dimension of our heroes. After completing his 2 years, the son of the God of War and his sister discover the home dimension of the Empire of the One. With a team of fellow magic-users, he goes undercover to investigate this society.

Dancer by Pam Uphoff

We go deeper into the society created by an exploration team from Earth that landed in the middle of a war. Tech on this world has advanced enough to make them also a cross-dimension world. An agent injured at the end of the last book returns home to recuperate and gets involved in a murder mystery when her sister’s estranged husband is killed at a school reunion.

Warriors of the One by Pam Uphoff

A short story that introduces characters from early in the history of the world by using the time altering property of an artifact created by the tellies in the first novel of this series.

Earth Gate by Pam Uphoff

We follow a young soldier from the worst dimension-travelling civilization from the time we first met this civilization in “Explorers”. Will he be able to gain citizenship in this society (being from a different dimension that had allied with Earth) ?

Mages at Large by Pam Uphoff

We start before the first comet fell, which killed 90% of the population following a young mage. (There are three variations of the “power gene”, which have been labelled “wizard”, “witch” and “mage”.) He is at the home of the “god of Art” when the comet falls, and is bubbled with everyone else when they are unable to divert the comet. Since he is “double sourced” - his mother was a wizard - he was able to get himself out of the bubble eventually and he rescues the wrong people ...

Art Theft by Pam Uphoff

A short following survivors of the comet as they search for missing children ...

Triplets by Pam Uphoff

We follow the three sons of the God of Just Deserts as they do their 2-year stint in the army. Their magical attributes show as the three different boys develop - and they are all “baby gods”. One is called to Justice, one a gambler and the other the “tall stranger who rides into save people and then ride into the sunset”.

Sea Wolves by Pam Uphoff

We explore another country on the dimension Comet Fall, as the children engendered following events in earlier books grow enough to feel the magic and - not being of the ruling class - rebel. What side will the Kingdom that our heroes come from choose ?

Bad Karma by Pam Uphoff

What happens when one of the original Tellies - over 1200 years old - finds that the woman who has been relaxing him for the last decades is going to die ? The God of Just Deserts becomes depressed ...

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pam Uphoff

We follow the witches who are not constrained by laws, and observe the havoc they create. Will our heroes be able to deal with them ?

One Alone by Pam Uphoff

A short detailing what happened to the woman who was married to the ruler of the nation that one of the dimensionally-able worlds was planning to use to take over the world. What will be the result after she is discarded as a result of the scheming of our heroes ?

Cascades by Pam Uphoff

Three shorter tales gathered together bringing together themes explored in earlier books. Plus three outtake scenes from books that did not fit anywhere but gave important information about the multiverse.

Olympian by Pam Uphoff

Again we look at one of the dimensionally-able worlds, this time looking at the politics of the world through the lens of the President’s daughter as she competes to ride in the Olympics.

Embassy by Pam Uphoff

Our hero creates an embassy planet on an Empty World, meaning that the various dimensions can talk instead of fighting. Meanwhile, the ex-agent from one of the dimensionally-able worlds gets involved in the creation of the first inter-dimensional gang ...

Rael by Pam Uphoff

We follow the recovery of a woman who was injured in the attempted assissination of the President of the One World. Will she be able to distract the man who is the new Head of Security for the Embassy planet?

On The Run by Pam Uphoff

A collection of tales dealing with the interdimensional criminals who escaped from the prison planet they were assigned to. Some are irredeemable, but others give up a life of crime to integrate into the worlds they find themselves in.

Mall Santa by Pam Uphoff

One of the repentant criminals from earlier lands in the middle of a shopping mall car park and needs money for food. He is employed as a Mall Santa and uses his “magic” to help the kids, leading to hilarious confrontations ...

Saturday Night by Pam Uphoff

The same ex-criminal lands in an awkward situation three floors up. After scrambling out of his car, he has to deal with a woman who has just been tricked into missing a night out with her boyfriend by her flatmate who wants to steal the boyfriend ...

God of the Sun by Pam Uphoff

An investigation of the corrupt theocracy that tangled with our heroes. We follow a boy born after the trick played on the invading army by the mother of the current heroes. After a normal boyhood, he is controlled by the corrupt priests. Will he regain his freedom ?

No Confidence by Pam Uphoff

The President of the Empire of the One is recalled after the Council passes a motion of No Confidence. During the interregnum before the special election, the committee assigned to perform the President’s duties has a heavy war-mongering bent. Will the Directorate Agent who loves our hero follow orders to kill the man she loves ? Star Struck A short story tacked on to the end of the book, following vid-makers as they create vids of the attempted assassination involving our heroes as they protect the President.

Pure Poison by Pam Uphoff

A poison is missing from the agent’s “brag box”. Who took it, and has it been used ?

Nowhere Man by Pam Uphoff

One of the members of the Black Island Gang is feeling disgusted with his illegal cross-dimensional actions. After being the hero when the finale came with the cannibal world, will he stay with the group ?

Cannibal World by Pam Uphoff

Our hero is exploring when he encounters a world being swallowed up by another from another dimension. What is causing this extraordinary situation ? (read out of order.)

Black Point Clan by Pam Uphoff

An exploration of the politics of the One World, from Clan to Party to the religious oversight. A very interesting tale.

External Relations by Pam Uphoff

We explore the politics of the One World more, and get a look at their practices in their cross-dimensional colonies. As a more moderate man is assigned to the Exterior Directorate, we see the treason of his predecessor falling apart and efforts by the young generation to extract themselves from the hopeless situation of their elders.

Meet the Family by Pam Uphoff

A shorter tale, detailing the One Agent's meeting with her lover’s Comet Fall family, who are powerful magically. The latter half shows the brutality of One world’s politics.

Children of a Foreign God by Pam Uphoff

Seventeen years after stopping a war by seducing the wives of those promoting it in the enemy government. The results come back to haunt our hero. What will these children be capable of ?

Lucky Dave by Pam Uphoff

A short tale telling the story of another survivor of the war a thousand years ago as a result of the time dilation effects of the magic bubbles, this time from the point of view of the daughter of our hero and his “girlfriend” - the enemy agent he loves.

A Prophetable Dimension by Pam Uphoff

Another short, this time from the POV of the twin brother of the protagonist of the previous story. As a result of his sister finding one of the original prophets in the dimensional containment system with serious injuries, our hero this time realises that in another dimension that branched off from his own, a copy of the dimensional item would be found. Knowing that the other dimension was more brutal than his own, he crosses to it to rescue the object and its contents.

Tales of the Multiverse by Pam Uphoff

A collection of tales, tied together by an overarcing story of an explorer from a universe thet has destroyed (most of) the genetically engineered.

Guardsmen by Pam Uphoff

Following Lucky Dave from an earlier novel as he integrates into the present. A particularly violent election is examined as we see again the brutality of One World politics.

Lost & Found by Pam Uphoff

We follow two trouble-prone soldiers as they are trapped within a “bubble” when they exit the teleportation spell triggered by the God of Peace. The “bubble” they find themselves in is from before the first comet fall, a thousand years before current time ...

Kaat by Pam Uphoff

Following a woman who infiltrated Earth from the One World before the Earth Gate was stolen in an earlier book. She is caught in the chaos when Earth Gate is taken over and is raped by the Aurelian troops and dosed with wine of the gods. What will happen to her loyalties when she has children to protect ?

Marooned by Pam Uphoff

We start with our hero waking up on a seemingly empty planet with his magic apparently blocked by a drug. What will he do now, and will we discover who has kidnapped him and why ?.

Professor of Magic by Pam Uphoff

Our hero’s lover/enemy is given a new job as the Professor of Magic in the Directorate School. Will she be able to find out why the training is so bad ? And what is the personal project she decides to finish first ?

Moles by Pam Uphoff

Two young agents - close friends - are given a task by their boss. They are each told that their friend is a mole and asked to make a case. What will they find, and why were they given this task ?

Cyborgs by Pam Uphoff

Eldon, the reforming criminal from earlier books, has an encounter with the cyborgs from a different branch than the one defeated by our hero. Will he be able to protect the woman and two children fleeing as their world is attacked by cyborgs ?

Freshmen by Pam Uphoff

A view at the professor of magic from the viewpoint of two freshmen who do not want to go home during the holidays. Meanwhile, the election cycle is starting with agents assigned to candidates at the selection stage, and the permanent gates are causing trouble ...

War Party by Pam Uphoff

We follow the election on the One World as it progresses from a dirty selection stage to an even dirtier election phase. Will the colonies’ representative be able to improve conditions for the people native to those worlds ?

Warrior At Large by Pam Uphoff

When the government changes, the agent’s boss is replaced and the new man in position hates the agent. He is fired and has to find a new way to make a living. Returning to the world he came to the One World from, he finds ways to make money and help the locals.

Cool as Ice by Pam Uphoff

After the attempted invasion, the president is recalled and a committee consisting of the previous heads of government takes control. The agent - nicknamed Ice - is reemployed as an agent. He also buys an historic house that belonged to one of the original Warriors, What will he find there ?

Exzy by Pam Uphoff

A series of connected short stories following the son of the hero and his lover/enemy. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

The Maze of Worlds by Pam Uphoff

A young boy, engendered by our hero as he was spying on the Earth, is having problems with the foster care system after the death of his mother. He escapes from the couple he terms “foster pervs” and lands on an experimental world where kids are being threatened with death. What will he do ?

Destroyer by Pam Uphoff

After beating off two attacks, the One World is hunting for their attackers. The agent they send gets marooned on one of the enemies’ worlds, and has to improvise ...

Doctor Inferno by Pam Uphoff

In the same multiverse, on a brane where the world’s governments went to war with the genetically engineered. Two survivors living in an old age pensioner’s retreat, are forced together although they were on opposite sides during the war. What will they get up to now ?

Code Name Igor by Pam Uphoff

Ms Uphoff tends to introduce an enemy and then humanize them later. Here she does the same, with the enemy defeated by the One World in the last two books. The agent she introduces is a decent, honest man. Can he change the poisonous society he lives in ? Can he survive ?

Bread Alone by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

A collection of four tales of a Bakery in the Low Port of Liad. The first three are reprints from earlier chapbooks, but reading them in chronological order made a wonderful tale. The final one is new, following a character from an earlier story as she returns home.

Essence of Magic by L. J. Rivers

In a world where magical beings have revealed themselves, a young half-Fae starts University. As well as her studies in journalism, she has to watch out for Harvesters, who drain magical beings’ blood for an addictive drug for humans. Will she stay safe ?

Sentries of Camelot by L. J. Rivers

Continuing her first year of University, our heroine discovers that the Harvesters are not confined to the man she caught last time. This time she is captured by the Harvesters … will she survive ?

WarSpell: The Orclands by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlet

Gorg and Paula provide another exciting story set in the universe they created with WarSpell. This time we follow a half-orc Intercessor for Twir, the Goddess of Secretaries, as she merges with an US soldier who is in the clerical branch. This is the start of another fascinating series of books, and I am looking forward to the next.

Other Rhodes by Sarah A Hoyt

Ms Hoyt presents an hard-boiled detective story set in a futuristic landscape. With interstellar travel as the protagonists gather clues about what has happened, Highly enjoyable.

Blazing Magic by Ingrid Seymour

At the death of her grandfather, a young woman inherits a stone containing a genie. At first disbelieving, she becomes convinced of the reality of the genie, and the troubles he also carries with him.

Broken Ascension by Dave Walsh

A very angsty young man has become a scavenger with his father after a disagreement with his mother and her boyfriend. The scavenger ship has discovered an alien ship drifting in the DMZ, and gows in for salvage. What will they find and can they survive the results ?

Double Dragon by Pam Uphoff

This feels like the same multiverse as her other stories, but concentrates on one universe. Possibly the universe identified as Earth Prime in her Comet Fall books as there is a mention of the Biowars 2 millenia before this book starts. We follow an investigation into a serial killer, meeting various characters along the way, from three waves of interstellar colonisation, the first apparently from just after the biowar as genetic engineering to create people with the ability to shift to dragon forms.

Cast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara

Another in the series created by Ms Sagara. In this one, the heroine finds a new intelligent building in the border zone between the Fiefs, the guard zones between the city of Elantra and Ravellon. Ravellon has been occupied by shadows, with an outcaste dragon claiming it as his hoard, as the Emperor has claimed Elantra.

Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara

Our heroine starts this novel with a dinner invitation to the Consort of the Barriani - equivalent to hosting the spouse of the ruling monarch in the UK - which she tries to cancel. Being unable to do so, the dinner leads to the rest of the book.

The Emperor's Wolves by Michelle Sagara

This tale takes us into the same universe as Ms Sagara’s “Cast In” series of books, but from the POV of Kaylin’s foster brother. He joins another section of the Halls of Law, the Wolves who investigate murder. His probationary case involves three races and may result in trouble for one of them …

Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara

Back to the start of the series, we are introduced to Keylin Nyara, a Hawk (investigative police) who came from the feifs, an area of the city outside the law. She left the feifs when the two girls she cared for were killed by her adoptive brother during an attempt to control her by an outside source killing kids known to her. Seven years later, young children are being killed again in the area she grew up in …

Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara

After aiding in the difficult birth of a Leontine, Our heroine’s world gets crazier as she is summoned to the Barrani court when the Prince is afflicted with something mysterious…

Dragondrums by Anne McCaffery We follow a young boy, who had previously been the primary boy soprano in the Harper Hall, as his voice breaks and he searches for a new purpose. He starts in the Drum Tower, aiding communication. Will his genius be appreciated by the seniors ?

Dragon’s Code by Gigi McCaffery

The story of the young boy fro Dragondrums is continued by Anne MCcaffery’s daughter. Cleverly weaving different books together told from a different perspective makes for a very enjoyable tale.

Cast in Secret by Michelle Sagara

Keylin Naya must come to terms with one of her fears. One of the races in Elantra are the Thalani - who are able to read the thoughts of anyone using the antennae they have on their heads. But a Thalani child has been kidnapped, igniting the protective side of Kaylin …

Cast in Fury by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin has to deal with the Imperial Playwright, who has to write a play to calm the city after the Thalani are blamed for a tidal wave. But first, she acts as midwife to a member of the Leontine race. Then her Sergeant is held by the Caste Court for murder, meaning a Sergeant she doesn’t get alomng with is temporarily in charge ,,,

Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin Naya must face a dark period in her childhood, after her “foster brother” killed the girls she had picked up to care for. A visit to the feif that she ran to at that time.

Cast in Chaos by Michelle Sagara

This time Kaylin has to deal with an increasing magic potential, starting when a known fraudulent fortune teller gives a real fortune, which impacts on an on-going investigation. What will this increase in magic potential cause ?

Cast in Peril by Michelle Sagara

After investigating missing people from the feifs, the power in the feif she grew up in negotiated a leave of absence for her in exchange for information relating to another case. Her leave involves travel to the Barrani area outside the emperor, This travel will not be unopposed …

Cast in Sorrow by Michelle Sagara

Our heroine starts the book sharing her (small) home with the female dragon she rescued in the last book. Then one of the Barrani sets off a bomb and destroys her house. (Luckily she was looking after an egg birthed by a woman after the mage storms from an earlier book and the newly hatched dragonette saves her.) Then she the feiflord from her childhood manipulates circumstances to get ger to attend a recitation in a far-off land belonging to the barrani …

Cast in Flames by Michelle Sagara

The feiflord from Kaylin’s childhood loses control of the Barrani ancestors that were part of his castle’s security system. Fortunately the house she has just moved into has protections, but will they be sufficient ?

Cast in Honour by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin encounters a girl from a possible future. Will she discover what lead to the future the girl came from, and is there any way to prevent it ?

Cast in Flight by Michelle Sagara

There are troubles among the Aereans and we learn more about the medic who is a very unusual Aerean. Kaylin must navigate the various factions to find the root of the problem.

Cast in Deception by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin has a lot on her plate. Someone is dealing with a feiflord to allow access to Ravellon and she needs to discover who and why. Then the elemental water sends her to a Hallione to deal with a situation that is troubling it …

A Call to Insurrection by David Weber, Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope

Continuing the story in the history of Manticore where it changes from being an out of the way planet to a galactic power. At the start, we see the villain from the previous books, who organised an attempted takeover of the planet by a transstellar company who knew something about Manticore’s potential, removed from the Manticore operation following his failure and assigned to the distraction in the Anderman Empire. Meanwhile, the heroes of that action on the Manticore are invited to visit the Anderman empire. Will their paths cross ?

Support Missions by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlet

We return to the merged universes these authors created, with the counterparts of the merged characters shown in the first novel of this trilogy. Once a method of crossing between worlds is created, both sets of characters are on the non-US world and we watch as they attempt to create a more US-style country in the gameworld.

Hellflower by Rosemary Edgehill (writing as Eluki bes Sahar)

A young woman, raised on a planet that rejects modern technology, is a captain/owner of a small spaceship. She earns her living as a darktrader - ie, a smuggler - and is doing fine until her path crosses that of a teenager from a world of soldiers, where children are trained in the arts of war. What will the result of their meeting be ?

The Unexpected Sales Reps by Virginia De Marce

Another entry into the sprawling shared universe derived from Eric Flint’s novel “1632”. This time it is the amusing tale of two ex-mercenaries who fought against our heroes in that first novel. Will they be able to sell equipment ?

The Dragon's Boy by David Carrico

We are introduced to Evann, a youth in a small village who is having trouble finding a course in life. What will he find for his future ?

The Dragon's Apprentice by David Carrico

Our hero has met the dragon of the title. They are met by some travellers who tell them that a wizard is attacking Evann’s home village. So he asks the dragon for help in reaching his village and dealing with the wizard. But who else is there waiting for them, abd how will they survive the fight ?

Elfhome by Wen Spencer

The third book in the series, this book introduces new challenges for Tinker and Oilcan. The first problem rears its head when Oilcan picks up a girl - who is the Elf equivalent of a teenager - at the train station; How will he manage with another mouth to fees and why was she unaccompanied ?

Wood Sprites by Wen Spencer

We go back before the first novel in this series, when an 18-year-old Tinker saves the life of the ruler of the Westernlands, to meet two little girls who are (illegal) siblings to her born by in-vitro fertilisation. They are also geniuses, and they go through school with ease and produce a very good play. But their grandmother is married to the original bad guy from the Elves’ world and wants to get hold of the girls …

Witch Way to the Mall edited by Esther Freisner

An amusing collection of stories about witches in modern suburbia. Recommended.

WarSpell: Space Race by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlet

In the Merged universe created by these two excellent writers, as well as Earth players merging with Game characters, the Game characters merged with the players, and magic now works. Will combining Earth technology with magic aid in the development of space ?

Commander by Audrey Sharpe

A short story set in her universe, we are introduced to the commander (second in command) on a ship from the Terran Fleet. The enemies we meet are raiders, so it is not (yet) full-out war.

Snowball's Chance by Aimee Easterling

A werewolf is walking through a forrest when he meets

Strip Mauled edited by Esther Freisner

Following on from her collection of witches in suburbia, here we have an amusing collection of stories about werewolves in suburbia ...

God Stalker Chronicles by P.C.Hodgell

We are introduced to Jame, a member of a noble race fighting Perimal Darkling - this tale’s equivalent of the Christian Hell. She arrives at a city with no memory of her life, though she knows the honour of her race. One of her first actions in the city is to save an old man from some thugs. His offer to her of employment creates a conflict with her sense of honour, requiring she ask the (hated) god of her people if being a thief is permitted …

Worlds of Weber by David Weber

A collection of “short” stories by a wonderful author. With tales from various universes he created in his (lengthly) novels it is an enjoyable read.

Fair Trade by Shaon Lee & Steve Miller

Another entry in the engaging universe of Liad created by these two wonderful authors. We return to the time of Jethri (Gobelyn) van Deelin and watch his progress as he becomes a Trader and proposes a fix for a cloud of interstellar dust that is causing problems as it engulfs various worlds.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

Our first meeting of Honor Harrington is as she assumes command of an old light cruiser. At first she is proud to be named commander of this ship, until she discovers that a group in the Weapons Development department has put a weapons system in the ship that is so large that more than ¾ of the usual weapons have been ripped from the ship. Will she be able to use the weapon in an excercie, and then for real ...

Honor of the Queen by David Weber

The second tome we meet Honor Harrington, she is escorting a “gift” to a system Manticore hopes to encourage into an alliance against Haven. How will she respond to the very patriarchal society and will there be any contact with Haven ?

The Short Victorious War by David Weber

Haven’s population is getting restless, so the rulers decide that a short victorious war against Manticore will bring their viewpoints in line. To reach Manticore, they must pass two systems in their way. The first, populated by fanatics, aligns with them to attack the second, the planet their ancestors were exiled from. As they make their move, Honor Harrington is on a visit to the second star system …

Field of Dishonor by David Weber

Honor Harrington has found love for the first time. The man who caused her trouble at the training facility hires a notorious duellist-for-hire to make trouble for her …

Flag in Exile by David Weber

After the events in the previous book, Honor Harrington is put on half-pay by the Manticoran navy. So, she moves to Grayson - the planet she has saved twice - where she has been made a Steadholder. How will the members of this patriarchal society react to a female Steadholder ?

Honor Among Enemies by David Weber

Honor to Manticoran service, this time leading a squadron of Q ships. Will she be able to do any good with merchant-class ships against Peep warships ?

Home World by Pam Uphoff

As she did with the One World, Ms Uphoff has introduced an enemy and now goes deeper into the society of that enemy. She introduces us to a poisonous society and honourable men trying to make a difference. After the attack by the One World on the home word of this society, the disintegration of the society is shown.

Murder by the Light of Fireworks by Pam Uphoff

We are introduced to a policeman on a “resource world” of the alliance. He is a veteran of the Rigel Brigade, a search & rescue organisation whose services were provided as part of the world’s taxes, and they were used militarily. With the supply of zivvy - the living wire used for brain chips - reducing and control from the centre loosening, many other worlds want to aquire this gem of a resource world. Will the police be able to solve crimes while resisting invasions ?

Murder in the Rigel Brigade by Pam Uphoff

We see influential people on higher worlds plotting to take over the resource world. The policeman from the last book and others in the department will have to protect the world and solve crimes, such as a shooting taking place in a public venue …

The Jigsaw Assassin by Catherine Asaro

Major Bhaajan (retired) of the Pharaoh’s Army of Skolia works as a PI, with a retainer to the ruling House on her home planet, She is tasked with investigating a series of murders on the central planet of the Skolian Empire. Will she be able to solve the case, and where will she find help ?

Harbinger by Wen Spencer

The start of the final confrontation between our heroes and the (immortal) emperor from before the revolution that defeated the Skin Clan, 10,000 years ago. Will they be able to survive such a long-laid plan ? Will the arrival of Tinker’s (girl genius) sisters be help or hindrance ?

Diamond Star by Catherine Asaro

A young man with an extraordinary voice gains a position with a vid company. He is also the hereditary Bard of Lyshriol, called by people on Earth the King of Skyfall. Will he succeed, and will he be able to do anything about the interstellar empire hid people had been at war with ?

Beyond by Mercedes Lackey

In her Valdemar series, Ms Lackey has mentioned that the country was founded by a Duke from a distant Empire. In this new series, she shows us the events that led to the founding of the country.

Change State by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Two stories, one inspired by a request for a stroy for an anthology that outgrew the requested size and one original. Very enjoyable.

Rediscovery by Marion Zimmer Bradley

In the Darkover series by Ms Bradley, this tale tells of the coming of the Terran Empire to a planet containing the descendants of one of the “Lost Ships” , spaceships sent out millenia ago before tracking was possible at interstellar distances. What will happen when the two cultures collide ?

Exiles of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey

We follow a support character from his exile from his birth country - an enemy of Valdemar - to his attaining the post of Weaponmaster for the Heralds. Following this we follow an “internal exile” - a young boy who runs away from an abusive uncle and is taken in by a group of thieves. There he learns to steal and sneak, skills that will be useful for the Heralds in the future.

Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey

The first trilogy about Valdemar written by Ms Lackey. We follow a young girl from a border group with different customs to the country. She has no idea what being chosen by a Companion means. As she learns, we are exposed to the customs and reality of Valdemar. Once she has qualified we follow her on her first patrol with an experienced partner. The final book is a love story combined with the start of a war with a neighbouring kingdom.

Bowl of Red by Sarah A Hoyt

Continuing the story of shifters in Goldport, Colorado. Gotterdamerung is coming - a change in the leadership of shifter groups. Will our heroes be involved, and will they survive ?